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deJpeg english
Автор: Роман Орлов   

deJpeg 2.0

deJpeg 2.0

      This program lets you extract jpeg files from any files, such as data files, Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx), exe files and so on. deJpeg doesn't differ the type of input file, it detects jpeg files by inner signatures. Seems to be easy, but there are many kinds of jpeg files really: simple jpegs, Exif jpegs, jpeg files modified by Photoshop and other graphic editors. Above all, some jpegs may be corrupted, ACDSee will show you such jpeg but another program may not. I tried to count all these kinds of jpegs, as many, as I could. This program is freeware, but use it on your own risk (this is a standard words - you can't lose any of your information with deJpeg, it doesn't delete files!)

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